oh, to be a tourist

We’ve done the tourist thing a couple different times now. The first time I didn’t take any pictures. Why? Well, it was an utterly dreary day which ended with us sprinting to the Metro stop in a total downpour. Definitely not picture worthy. The second attempt was better, though. No rain in sight; no clouds either, for that matter. So, here are some of the classic, though cliched Washington DC shots.

A few random observations:
*The city is smaller then I remember it
*The White House isn’t quite as big and grand as I remember it being. Though, that is more likely due to my opinion of it’s current resident. I suspect it’s about to get much cooler.
*The distance between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capital building is definitely as long as I remember it. So much so that we didn’t actually end up making it all the way to The Capital building.
*The Smithsonian museums are still cool (not to mention free), though I learned that going on a weekend isn’t cool, unless you like crowds and hearing “ooooh, look how big it is” in reference to The Hope Diamond in 122 different languages.
*There is no shortage of Starbucks.
*The Lincoln Memorial is still my favorite. And as a side note, on the north wall, in the midst of an inscription of his second inaugural address, there is a spelling error. The word “future” is spelled “uture.” This amuses me greatly.

That’s all for now.


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