the official timeline of "the big move"

Sunday 10/12 to Saturday 10/18: Packed very little. Drank very much. That’s what happens when you combine procrastination with friends appearing in town from far far away.

Sunday 10/19:
7:00 am: Woke up frantic because realization set in that Tim was showing up in six hours and the apartment didn’t look much like I was moving out of it.
7:05 am: Made list of “Things to get done before Tim gets here,” few of which were actually accomplished before he got there.
12:00 pm: Gave up on being organized. Stopped making an inventory of what went in each box. Everything now labeled “random.”
1:00 pm: gave up on packing. Realized empty stomach, since I had forgotten to eat, took much higher priority. Hopped on MAX to airport, early, and ate crappy Chinese food and stared at the arrivals board for half an hour.
2:05 pm: still staring at arrivals board for his flight to change from “On Time” to “Arriving.” Was startled when Tim walked up, having apparently arrived. What good is an arrivals board if it doesn’t tell you when the plane has arrived?
3:30 pm: We decide it would be a genius idea to rent a car early so that we can get the Goodwill run over with before the next day. Walk to rental car place. For reason’s to boring to describe, didn’t end up renting a car. Walked back home. Time wasted not packing: 1h 22 min.
7:00 pm: gave up packing and decided to release Tim from kitchen cleaning duty, and ran to Rock Bottom. More drinking.

Monday 10/20:
6:00 am: Alarm clock was ignored.
6:15 am: Alarm clock ignored again.
7:00 am: Walked in pouring rain to get rental car.
7:15 am: Made Tim drive to Stump Town so that I could get a cappuccino, even though “coffee is coffee,” and Starbucks was closer. But, damn it was worth it!
8:00 am: Van loaded. Off to post office, Goodwill, then Comcast (to return the modem), then Mom’s house. Was serviced by the slowest mail-lady ever at post office. At Mom’s house it was discovered that it is quite possible that she owns more pointless stuff then anyone I have ever known.
11:00 am: Back at the apt. Ben shows up to help Tim with van run #2: Second Goodwill run, then UPS.
11:00am to 5:00pm: Clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, and you guessed it, more cleaning. Though, I did finally vacuum the cobwebs from the celling. That felt good, since theye’d been there for almost two years. –Tim returns van.
6:00 pm- Apartment empty. Yay!!! Off to hotel. Stop at Buffalo Wild Wings near airport. More drinking.
6:30 pm: First major glitch. My *insert any curse word you want* little brother throws one of his classic temper tantrums and refuses to bring us the cat. He just simply doesn’t feel like it. He informs me that if I want the cat I’ll have to take a cab. I then think about throwing temper tantrum.
8:30 pm: Oliver finally shows up at the hotel after my mother ends up driving from her house in NE to my brother’s house in SW and then back to our hotel at the airport to drop off the poor thing.

Tuesday 10/21:
4:30 am: Wake up, and find self surprised that cat hasn’t peed on anything.
5:00am: tranqualize cat, and head to airport.
6:30 am: take off, and the beginning of a long day of peering under the seat in front of me to make sure the cat is alright.
5:00 pm: After long day of flight, layovers, and Wendy’s chili, land in Maryland. Realize that my cat is the coolest cat ever because we didn’t hear a peep out of him the entire trip. He spent almost ten hours in his carrier and didn’t seem to care.
6:00 pm-ish: First thoughts on new apartment. We did a good job. It’s nothing fantastic, but the carpet and refrigerator are new, and there’s a dishwasher. Yay!. There’s a lot of open space at the moment. Hey, as long as there are no clanging pipes and no homeless people climbing up the fire excape I’m happy!

Wednesday 10/22:
8:00 am: let Comcast guy in to install internet and cable. Consiously decide not to be a grumpy grumpy girlfriend even though, well, I’m tired and grumpy, and have no where to sit because there isn’t any furniture.
9:00 am: make eggs.
11:00 am: atemp to leave for the first of many Ikea trips.
11:05 am: try to figure out what the best reaction should be to the explatives spewing from Tim’s mouth because his car has chosen now to not start.
11:35 am: after three unsuccessful jump start’s, call AAA (and thank myself for making him get AAA in the first place).
12:00 pm-ish: off to mechanic.
1:00 pm – realization that now on top of furnishing an apartment, now we also get to repair the truck. And no, not just something simple like the battery. The damned truck needed a new STARTER. And since they had to drop the transmission just to get to the starter, it ended up putting a real dent in the furnature fund. Boo. Oh well, we’ll deal. Powerball, anyone?
5:00 pm – truck back from mechanic. Off to second IKEA trip of the day.
7:00 pm – extricate Oliver, for the third time, from his new favorite hiding place: behind the washing machine.
9:00 pm – dinner, TV, and a little – or a lot- of blogging. 🙂

Pictures soon…



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