i’m bored

I’ve decided to do the blog thing. I’ve realized recently how much busier everyone’s lives have become, mine included, and even e-mail seems difficult to keep up with these days. This way, those who choose to, can keep up at their own pace. Also I figured since I already have a myspace page (though it’s seldom used), a facebook page (yes, I finally gave in), and a flickr photo page (which I’m quite addicted to), why not add a blog to the list? I’m sure my quickly approaching dash for the east coast will provide more then enough opportunity for stories that need to be told…if for no other reason then to save my own sanity!

And speaking of The Move, I’m currently in that pesky mode where absolutely everything is “pending.” We have an apartment lined up in Maryland, but I can’t yet change my address or forward my mail because, well, I’m not there yet. I’m applying for jobs, but have yet to nail one down, so I have no idea how to budget what I’ve managed to save (quite a problem when it comes to having to completely re-furnish an apartment). I can’t start piling, packing, craigslist-ing, or Goodwill-ing yet, because I’m still here for another eleven days and still need a bed to sleep on, and a kitchen that has more in it then a coffee maker. I’m having separation anxiety over the notion of selling even one of my books back to Powell’s, and as of tomorrow I won’t even have a job to occupy my time!

Oh well, I’ll have to load up on Netflix for the next couple days, and maybe make some jewelry (so I don’t have to ship quite so many beads), finish up some of those old knitting projects (so I don’t have to ship all that yarn), paint a few pictures (so I don’t have to ship all that paint)…do you see a theme here?



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